Friday Writing Inspiration: Zen Pencils

Ralph Waldo Emerson Zen Pencils Quote

Happy Friday! I usually post a quote that I find inspirational, but today, I'd rather share an Australian artist who does the same as me, but does a much much better job. I first discovered the work of Gavin Aung Than when a fellow writer linked to this incredibly inspiring post on Facebook. Gavin explores, among other things, the struggle artists creators (and hell, humans) have in adapting to a corporate life. As a fiction writer with a day job, I can definitely relate.

But more than exploring the corporate world, Gavin turns some of my favorite inspiring quotes about things like making art, being kindrespecting others and making the most of here and now like no one else. While these are other people's quotes, Gavin creates his own story around them--and in this case, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Above is one of the free posters Gavin shares when you sign up for his newsletter. I definitely recommend it!