Friday Writing Inspiration: Writing Fast, Writing Lots. Plus, Win The After Girls and Get the Ebook for $1.99!

ray-bradbury-writing-quoteI'm approaching about 60,000 words on my current WIP, and let's just say that the writing is not necessarily Tolstoy-esque. I'm willing to bet it's in pretty rough shape, actually. It is in need of several good edits and rewrites, and lot of it needs to be just plain deleted or at least reigned in. That said, there is something there, which is pushing me along. There is a story, and--all craft and beautiful language aside--I really feel it is coming together in this draft.

I wanted to share two awesome quotes today as inspiration for those of us who love to pound out shitty first drafts.

Above, a writing quote from Ray Bradbury, on writing a lot.


And here, a writing quote from Raymond Chandler, on writing fast.

Hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me!

P.S. More news on this next week, but as part of YALSA's Teen Reads week, which is sponsored by my publisher, Merit Press, not only will YALSA be giving away a suite of Merit titles, but during that week, you can get all their titles on ebook, including The After Girls, for just $1.99. Yay! More to come next week.