Office Space: A Peek Into Where I Write

11188291_10102733005536818_6462092429022030358_n Living in New York City for most of my adult life, I always dreamed of having a home office. Well, first, I dreamed of trading the fluorescent lights of a corporate America for my couch, but once I'd done that for awhile, I wanted the real-deal. The much sought-after dedicated writing space.

This year, I was able to finally make that happen. My fiance and I found a great apartment with just enough space for me to really spread out. My friends reminded me that I used to say that my main goal in life was to settle down in Greenpoint (a residential neighborhood in North Brooklyn), write full-time, and get a dog. Well, it happened. And the home office was the icing on the cake.

Anyway, I'm obsessed with learning where writers do their work, so I thought it fit to share mine!


Here's my desk on a clean day (it doesn't look like that while I'm on deadline, err, right now). It looks out on a sweet little garden that I may not have access to but is frequently filled with cardinals, which makes me happy. I even went for an Aeron chair. It was part of my goal to take my writing more seriously. But more truthfully, I'm a design nerd, and I salivated over Herman Miller while working for years at Elle Decor, and I'd rather splurge on chairs than shoes ANY DAY.

For art, I looked to things that reminded me of the people I love and my travels. Left to right: A Georgia O'Keefe print of New York City, purchased in Santa Fe on a cross-country trip with my fiance; two paintings from Bali; and a painting by my sister over a collage of snaps from college.

11127866_10102733005636618_6398489754565178809_o Of course, no space would be complete without a color-coordinated bookshelf. (Yes, I realize this is so common it's annoying now, but I still love it.)

Or a white board and bulletin board for serious plotting work only (not illustrating my dog and snapping photos of friends in an attempt to procrastinate).
Which brings me to my favorite part about my office ... my wonderful coworker, Farley!

Seriously, you can't beat that!

Happy writing, everyone! I'm going to stop procrastinating now and actually use my office for deadline-meeting purposes.