Friday Writing Inspiration: Nature and All Its Wonders

Mt. Shasta, Northern California I'm a day late for my usual "Friday Writing Inspiration" post, but in lieu of posting a writing quote that gets me (and hopefully you) inspired, on this lovely holiday weekend, since I'm in glorious Mt. Shasta, where one of my good friends from New York, Blaire, grew up, I thought it a bit more fitting to post something from here. Above is the view from the living room at her parents' house, where Thomas and I are staying until tomorrow. We've spent the last two days eating good food outside, participating in the town's Fourth-of-July festivities (only in NoCal would the town fun run include belly dancers), swimming across lakes, discovering underwater trees, drinking watermelon beer on a barge, and playing games with her whole family.

Today, we're off to do rock climbing, a long bike ride to a brewery, a drive up to the mountain, and possibly indulge in some waterfall action. Needless to say, in the midst of all the activities, I'm not getting much writing done. But that's okay. It's good to have a mini sabbatical from my morning routine of exploring the inner workings of my crazy head (writing a novel), and to be with the mountains and the trees and the leaves and the sky and remember why we all write in the first place--to capture just a hint of the beauty and the struggle and the truth of the world around us.

Since I usually share a quote, I'm going to leave you with one of my favorites from Emerson.

“The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship."

Happy holiday weekend, and happy writing.