Getting that first bit of press for your novel

publishers-weekly-writeupSo about a week ago, I got two mentions in Publisher's Weekly (a clip from one of which is above). One was just an announcement of upcoming titles from different publishers and the other more of an in-depth feature about Merit Press, the new imprint of Adams Media that is publishing THE AFTER GIRLS (headed by the fabulous Jacquelyn Mitchard).  Both were small, but I wanted to share them anyway. When you're writing it's so easy to get into your head and imagine yourself, as Anne Lamott in Bird by Bird does, meeting ruin and having your "shitty first draft" discovered and mocked for the rest of time.

That said, there are bright points. And one is realizing that no matter what happens and how many copies your first, soon-to-come-out novel sells, and no matter how many good or bad reviews you receive, Publisher's freaking Weekly thought you were not such a horrible hack that they saw fit to include your book (and your name) in a story or two.

I know it's not that big of a deal, and most books get mentioned in one way or another there. But at the same time, it is. It's a good moment. And so I wanted to share.

You can see them, and hopefully more to follow, on my press page.